How to choose door and window hardware to make doors and windows more energy efficient


Time: 2018-12-09

Hardware is the details that the owner will always ignore when purchasing doors and windows. Doors and windows are inseparable from hardware, no hardware, and all functions of doors and windows cannot be realized. So what impact does hardware have on doors and windows? Although the hardware does not directly improve the energy saving coefficient of the doors and windows, it will directly affect the energy saving effect of the doors and windows.

Hardware witnessed the development history of doors and windows
Building doors and windows have a long history in China, and the records of the door can be seen in some unearthed Shang Dynasty bronzes. It is used for gates of cities or palaces, temples, and houses. It is usually two. The straight window developed by the door has appeared in Han, the window is fixed and cannot be opened, so the function and the door and window type are limited. At that time, the movable part of the door and window used a wooden shaft, as the idiom said: the hub is not squatting (dù) - the often rotating door shaft is not subject to insects, and no metal parts have been used.
During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, windows were greatly developed in type and appearance, and there were more and more switch windows, and metal hinges began to be applied to doors and windows. The doors and windows of modern buildings in China were developed from the steel doors and windows in the early 20th century, from the beginning of the steel doors and windows to the aluminum alloy doors and windows of the 1970s and 1980s, to the plastic doors and windows of the 1990s, and to the current situation.
Hardware is produced after the door and window have developed to a certain stage. The realization of the function of modern building doors and windows requires hardware to support. Modern windows and doors are becoming more and more functional and require more and more materials. The basic materials are profiles, sealing strips, glass, insulation strips, handles and opening systems, which form the door and window system.
How to improve the energy saving effect of doors and windows
It is necessary to adapt to local conditions. The application of different doors and windows should be considered comprehensively according to the location of the building, the function of doors and windows, and other factors. For example, doors and windows with better insulation performance are used in the north; doors and windows with better shading and waterproof performance are used in the south.
Different areas have different requirements for door and window functions. In the south, heat insulation is generally required. In the north, insulation is generally required. In addition, there are many winds and rains in the south, and the waterproof performance of doors and windows is also required.
To improve the energy efficiency of doors and windows, we must first improve the quality of the doors and windows themselves. It is necessary to improve the energy-saving design indicators of doors and windows, strengthen the insulation and heat insulation performance of doors and windows materials; improve the structure of doors and windows (double-layer, multi-layer glass, interior and exterior shading systems); improve the airtight performance from the structural design, fabrication and installation of doors and windows.
The core of this is to improve the sealing performance of doors and windows. To improve the sealing performance, it is necessary to rely on the sealing strip. The sash and the window frame press the sealing strip to achieve the sealing effect, and the pressure is realized by the hardware. The combination of the lock point and the lock block can improve the sealing performance of the door and window. The more the lock points of the doors and windows, the better the sealing performance. Of course, the premise is that the quality of other materials of the doors and windows is high. In the case of the same quality, the multi-point lock is superior to the single-point lock.
Door and window design can not only consider the material, but also consider the deformation of the profile and the elasticity of the sealing strip. The door and window with single-point lock only have the sealing performance on the side with the lock point, while the other sides have no way to reach the most. Good sealing effect. Therefore, good materials do not necessarily achieve a good sealing effect, and must be used with high-quality hardware.
German hardware is currently recognized as the best quality door and window hardware in the world, so that the owners can rest assured that the door and window are purchased.

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